Hair Pomade (VITAMAN | For Men)

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Going for more of a slick look? Get it with the VITAMAN's Pomade. Our non-greasy formula helps make dry, coarse, curly and even greying hair look its best, without ever weighing it down. With a pliable hold that never flakes, our pomade is great for keeping short hair styles in check throughout the day while adding just the right amount of shine. And because it's water-soluble, it will wash out cleanly every time, especially when you use one of our VITAMAN shampoos.

Why You Should Use It

  • Great for all hair types, especially dry or greying hair
  • Flexible hold with light shine
  • Doesn't leave any oily or greasy build up in the hair
  • Water-soluble formula washes out easily
  • pH balanced to suit chemistry of your hair

How to Use It

Apply a small amount to palm of hands and rub together to warm the wax. Once warmed, style hair as desired.

Weight: 100g

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