Restructuring Milk with Bougainvillea Extract (Mediterranean Complex)

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Delicate treatment milk with deep moisturizing action. Great for frizzy and sensitized hair, making it soft and totally protected. Practical and quick to apply, it can also be used to control static hair during blow drying for easier styling. Quick and easy to use at home. Natural spray


Bougainvillea films, restructures and fortifies hair that is naturally dry or weakened and lacklustre. It safeguards optimum moisture levels and the physiological balance of the hair, improving its texture. The Bougainvillea extract encases the hair with a film that protects it against external agents, especially harmful sunlight and heat in the summer, making it an excellent replenishing after-sun treatment.


How To Apply: after shampooing, spray evenly on towel-dry hair down the full length of the hair, starting from the roots to the tips. Comb through to distribute evenly. Leave for 5 minutes before drying. DO NOT RINSE. SHAKE BEFORE USE.

For: normal, dry, weak, frizzy and sensitized hair.

Result: delicate treatment, deep moisturizing and protection.

Volume: 250ml

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