HIC Chrome Mask

Shade: Lavender
QAR 99
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CHROME MASK is a hair mask designed for salon and home use, giving delicate color reflexes. It emphasizes highlights and at the same time makes the hair soft and manageable. The coloring powder is very mild, therefore the mask can be used at home safely and without the risk of excessively intense undesired hues. It is recommended to be used once a week.

CHROME MASK LAVENDER has a mauvish shade and should be used to tone down undesired warm yellowish reflexes.
CHROME MASK RASPBERRY is perfect on hair with copper reflexes (not to be used on blond hair)
CHROME MASK PLUM has a purple aubergine shade
CHROME MASK ROSE has a pink-coppery shade and should be used on red hair
CHROME MASK VANILLA enhances golden blond shades

HOW TO USE: Apply an adequate amount to washed, damp hair (same quantity as an ordinary hair mask). Leave in until the desired colour tone is obtained (average 15 minutes), and then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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