Fixing Lotion with Beeswax (Mediterranean Complex)

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Multi-purpose spray fluid useful for all drying techniques, with hairdryer and brush, diffuser, plate / iron or curlers. It gives body and structure to the crease, with volume at the roots and a natural touch of light brightness. It also vaporizes on dry hair as a touch of ecological finish. It combines flexibility and tightness, leaves the hair clean and prolongs the duration of the styling even in the presence of humidity. It does not vitrify and leaves no residue. Beeswax nourishes and strengthens the hair, protecting it with a natural film.


The lipophilic action of beeswax is very similar to that of the skin, helping to restore the natural balance and condition of particularly dry scalps. At the same time, it restores the texture of very dry or frail hair, shaping it and nourishing it for renewed cosmetic appeal. Its emollient action results in a new sensation of softness and silkiness.

For: all types of hair, for all drying techniques, styling

Result: nourishing hair, protection, hair straightening, volume, long lasting styling, brightness and leaves no residue.

Volume: 300ml

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