Atomized DEW with Mallow Extract (Shatush)

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True dewdrops that can be sprayed on all types of hair for hydration and softness. Ideal for detangling and wetting hair before cutting and for styling retouch. It has an immediate disciplining effect during blow drying. The organic Mallow and Aloe Extracts contained in its precious formula bring soothing and moisturizing relief enriched by a final touch of brilliant shine. 


Mallow extract, obtained from the leaves of the herbaceous plant, has a natural filming action and gradually releases water, keeping the hair soft and moisturised, with immediate shine effect. In Shatush Atomized Dew the hydrating soothing and protective properties of Mallow are combined with the refreshing action of Aloe extract. Its content of polysaccharides and antioxidants restore moisture and suppleness, preventing hair aging.

For: all types of hair and hair styling. 

Result: weightless moisture and shine, hair hydration & styling.

Volume: 200ml

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