Aldo Coppola Atelier provides a wide range of exclusive luxury bespoke beauty treatments and services.

The established expertise of staff, as well as the outstanding high-performance of exclusive treatments, make Aldo Coppola a beauty leader and will fascinate guests respecting brand expectations.

Aldo Coppola offers a range of services including:

  • Blow-dry
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair treatments
  • Wedding packages including bridal hairstyle, bridal make up, manicure and pedicure
  • Luxury manicure and Pedicure with paraffin treatment and masks
  • Machine manicure


In the Kingdom of Beauty, Aldo Coppola’s hairstylists interpret each client’s personality, offering her highly professional service accompanied by exclusive treatments using natural products formulated to respect hair and provide the best results. Aldo Coppola cuts mark a revolution in a woman’s image. Deconstruction remains the keyword, always following the natural geometry of the head. Aldo Coppola’s hairstylists, in a continuous evolution, present new cutting lines every season searching for the most innovative way to give customized looks and enhance the image of each client.


Shatush is a soft and unstructured lightening technique that gives a bespoke result which only Aldo Coppola’s hairstylists are able to create. Combined with unique products, it restructures the hair fiber giving comfort and beauty. A tailoring technique that creates natural hues of light accentuated only by sun light. The use of innovative accessories create infinite shades that fit the unique features and the personality of each woman, respecting natural proportions.


Aldo Coppola infusion coloring system combines the intrinsic properties of plant extracts with the latest developments in cosmetics biotechnology. Infusion Elements is the evolution of Aldo Coppola’s philosophy in the approach to natural beauty. Aldo Coppola hairstylists possess unique expertise: by mixing different types of dyeing herbs and vegetable emollient extracts, they are able to obtain beautiful hair reflection. In the Infusion Elements rituals, each treatment is enriched with nourishing and regenerating properties of the new herbal blends.


Hair Therapy is an innovative ritual of care and wellness for the hair. After a careful and precise examination of the scalp, Aldo Coppola’s team of experts; is able to prepare curative recipes using muds, herbs, clays and oils. These elements commonly dedicated to natural body care and rich in raw materials; are organized in a system of selected products, created to deliver the best results.


Custom-made hands and feet- specific treatments, new techniques, and high-quality products are the key elements of the Kingdom of Beauty’s manicures and pedicures. Aldo Coppola’s beauticians offer a meticulously perfect and long-lasting service in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere making our services true moments of wellness and self-indulgence.