Balance Hair Mud with Lemon Leaf Extract (Shatush)

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White clay with exfoliating qualities to detoxify, deeply clean, and rid the scalp of dead cells. Organic lemon leaf extract to reduce sebum and normalize the hydro-lipid film. Sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturize. All the secrets of a formula that regenerates, invigorates, and releases the natural vitality of the hair. 


The lemon leaf contains a wide range of plant extracts that contribute to hydration and regeneration of the scalp. On the scalp, it plays an important antimicrobial, astringent and tonic role, which is essential for controlling sebum production. The polyphenols counteract oxidation while the citric acid and vitamins contribute to shiny hair. In Shatush Hair Mud, the lemon leaf extract is combined with white clay and sweet almond oil. The clay achieves a thorough cleansing with an accurate purifying action, which will also increases softness thanks to the nourishing and soothing proprieties of the almond oil.

No Parabens

For: scalp cleansing, greasy hair, sebum reduction.

Result: regenerated hair and clean scalp.

Volume: 200ml

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