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Stops nail biting immediately! The Bye Bite is a product that counteracts the problem of nail and cuticle biting because of the bitter taste of the polish. It gives you no choice but to grow beautiful, long nails!

It is enriched with vitamin E, so that the nail structure is strengthened and nail growth is stimulated. This product is can also be used by children because it poses no danger or risk to health.

Herôme Bye Bite USP’s

• Prevents nail biting by extremely bitter taste
• Stimulates nail structure and growth
• Dries matte making it is also suitable for men
• Does not come off in soapy water
• Contains no harmful substances
• Taste only disappears once the product is removed with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover

Did you know?

Did you know that nail biting could put strain on and ruin your entire nail structure

Recommended in combination with…

Along with the Nail Growth Explosion, use the Herôme Cuticle Remover to push back the cuticles. This prevents cuticles from hindering nail growth.

How To Apply

Day 1: Apply one or two layers of Bye Bite to the nails
Day 2: Leave to soak into nails
Day 3: If the layer becomes too thick, remove with the Caring Nail Polish Remover, and apply new layer

Volume: 10ml 

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