Caring Nail Polish Remover

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With the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover you can quickly create deeply cleaned nails in a mild way!

Most nail polish removers are harsh on the condition of your nails. These harsher and often cheaper nail polish removers do not aid in maintaining and creating healthy nails. Furthermore, as these other removers are more likely to make your nails more brittle, the chance of developing the frustrating problem of splitting nails is much higher. However, by using Herôme’s Caring Nail Polish Remover, you can expect clean and natural nails by using a remover that is much more gentle. The added Lanolin also prevents nails from becoming dry; instead giving nails a beautiful shine. The Herôme Caring Nail Polsh Remover is not only as effective as other nail polish removers but also smells much better than similar products on the market. The Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover is also acetone-free, which helps to contribute to nails that are healthy and not dry.

Herôme’s Caring Nail Polish Remover USP’s

• Acetone-free, which makes it also suitable for artificial nails
• Prevents dry nails
• Product is mild and gentle on nails
• Added Lanolin and D-Panthenol improves the resilience and overall condition of nails


Always wipe the cuticle with a cotton pad. This will prevent the nail polish from getting underneath the cuticles.

Recommended in combination with…

In order to more efficiently correct nail polish mistakes, use the Herôme Corrector pen!

Did you know?

The Herôme Nail Polish Remover Pads are an even easier way to remove your nail polish on the go! Leave the pads in your car or handbag so you never have to go anywhere with chipped nail polish! Use with our fast-drying Herôme Natural Nail Whitener and in just one minute your nails will be shiny and clean!

How To Apply

Apply the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover to a dry cotton pad and hold the saturated pad onto the nail. Remove the nail polish from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. The nail is now clean, grease-free and properly cared for!

Volume: 120m

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