Exit Damaged Nails

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The Herôme Exit Damaged Nails directly repairs extremely damaged nails and is therefore suitable for use following the removal of artificial nails.

The product also restores the nails after, for example, a disorder or problem that weakens the nails. Almond oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, which leaves nails rehydrated and properly cared for. The vitamin complex also helps to prevent splitting nails. The Exit Damaged Nails restores the nails and improves the structure of the nails immediately after use.

Herôme Exit Damaged Nails USP’s

• An innovative formula that instantly restores extremely damaged and splitting nails
• Made from all-natural ingredients
• Perfect product for repairing nails following the removal of artificial nails
• Gives strength and makes nails healthy again
• Fresh orange / citrus scent
• Vitamin complexes A, C, E, F, Panthenol and silicon

Recommended in combination with…

Before using the Exit Damage serum, wipe your nails with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover. As a result, the serum will be better absorbed with much faster results.

How To Apply

The Herôme Exit Damaged Nails can be used as part of a one-time treatment and should be applied to clean nails. A single drop per nail should be applied daily with the pipette. Massage the oil into the nail bed using your finger to ensure that the nails properly absorb the serum.

Volume: 7ml

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