Nail Growth Explosion

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Do you find it difficult to grow out your nails? The Herôme Nail Growth Explosion can help you to solve this frustrating problem!

The serum encourages microcirculation, which helps to promote nail growth. The Herôme Nail Growth Explosion is rich in silicon. Silicon plays an essential role in the growth of healthy, strong nails. The hydrating effect also helps to smoothen out the nails. It is the perfect product for people who have short and damaged nails – especially suitable for nail biters!

Herôme Nail Growth Explosion USP’s

• Stimulates healthy nail growth
• Stimulates the microcirculation
• Strengthens the nail plate
• Hydrating
• Provides flexibility to the nails
• Improves the overall condition of the nail
• Does not leave behind any shine on the nails, therefore also suitable for men and children

Recommended in combination with…

Along with the Nail Growth Explosion, use the Herôme Cuticle Remover to push back the cuticles. Looser cuticles ensure that the Nail Growth Explosion can work its magic, as the nutrition formula is more able to reach the nail matrix. A stuck cuticle does not inhibit the growth of the nails.

How To Apply

The Herôme Nail Growth Explosion can be used as part of a two-week nail treatment. Before use, clean the nails with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover. Spray one drop on each nail with the pipette daily. For proper absorption of the gel, the product should be massaged into each nail and finger. Finally, the nails should be washed and dried before applying a nail polish.

Volume: 7ml

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