Nourishing Nail Oil

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Do you suffer from extremely dry, fragile nails? Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil restores the condition of the nails, making nails healthy and strong.

The Nourishing Nail Oil is suitable for use on dry nails, forcing the growth of weaker nails. The oil even reaches underneath the nail to the root, helping to restore the condition of nails. It also protects the nails against damage and keeps them soft.

Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil USP’s

• For dry, hard and damaged nails
• Restores the condition of the nails
• Prevents splitting and breaking nails
• Provides flexibility to harder nails
• Provides and protects the nails

How To Apply

The oil should preferably be applied to clean nails and massaged into the fingers. The oil is absorbed by the nail and by massage; the growth of the nails is encouraged. The nails can be painted once the oil has been absorbed and provided that the nails are first wiped with Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover.

Volume: 10ml

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