Ridge Filling Base Coat

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Protect your nails against discoloration! The Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat closes the nail in preparation for nail polish. As a result, colour pigments in nail polish will not discolor the nails.

The Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat also smoothens out an uneven or ribbed nail plate. Nails will become smoother and even more beautiful. The Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat has a beautiful glossy look that means that the base coat alone can be used as a decorative gloss as well.

Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat USP’s

• Fills out unevenness and makes the nail surface beautiful and smooth
• Protects the nail from dyes in nail polish
• Improves the adhesion of any second layer (colored) nail polish
• Beautiful shine that can be used as a polish by itself

Recommended in combination with…

For a more even nail you, use with the Herôme Super Shine file. This buffer makes the nail surface smooth, so nail polish will last longer and better.

How To Apply

Apply first layer similar to regular nail polish. After that, the colored nail polish or French Manicure can be applied.

Volume: 10ml

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